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Common Signs of Mold

8/16/2017 (Permalink)

Common Signs of Mold

Black mold, mildew and fungus in general are universal problems. Black mold is especially dangerous and can lead to aesthetically detrimental problems in your home or business. Mold removal needs to be conducted immediately at signs of mold growth spotted. Mold in the home should not be left to spread further. Mold damage removal after extensive exposure is more labor intensive and expensive.

The obvious sign of the presence of mold damage is a smelly odor. Black mold has an earthy and musty smell. This smelly odor resembles the smell of dirt or rotting leaves. Mold, mildew and fungus thrive in dark environments. Mold also need water and food to grow. Mold also feed on cellulose based materials such as cardboard, cotton, lumber and drywall.

Fungus and mold in the home is mostly as a result of water leaks. Dark rings can also point to mold growth. Mold growth behind the wall is also common due to the lack of light and presence of moisture. Homes that are constructed with wood or by products of wood are at a higher risk of mold growth. This is because mold feeds on wood cellulose. When the mold eats the wood, the resulting damage is dry rot. Dry rot can lead to structural damage. Mold remediation and mitigation needs to be sought early to prevent extensive mold growth and structural damage from dry rot.

When faced with mold in the home or mold growth behind the wall, home owners should enlist the services of a commercial mold damage company. These are trained experts in mold removal and remediation. If contacted early, a restoration company can advise on mold mitigation methods to prevent mold spread.

The smelly odor from black mold can be irritating and offensive. A mold restoration company will conduct deodorization services to deal with the smelly odor. In most cases, home owners try to mask the smell hoping it will go away. The best way to deal with the odor is through professional deodorization. Commercial mold damage companies use special deodorization agents and machines. This leaves the home without a trace of the smelly odor.

Mildew and mold in the home can also be detected through black patches. Mold growth behind the wall should not be ignored. Home owners also need to check for fungus, mildew and black mold growth along the window sills and shady areas. Timely mitigation is the best strategy. This also makes the remediation process much easier.

If mitigation and remediation services are not sought in good time, mold removal becomes a tedious process. The homeowner will also have to pay more due to the extensive damage. Structural damage repairs are also very expensive. In some cases, one may be forced to replace the damaged items. Extensive deodorization also needs to be carried out to restore the indoor air quality. Homeowners should not wait until the mold growth gets to a critical stage or dry rot forms.

Commercial mold damage companies should also be hired when dealing with water damage. If the drying process is not done well, the moisture creates a good breeding ground for mold. A professional restoration company will also offer water removal services. They will inspect the home for water leaks and address the root of the issue. This is why you should let the commercial mold damage professionals handle the remediation and mitigation of the mold.

Mold damage does not only affect the indoor air quality, but it can also affect the sale of a house. Buyers today are very picky, and the sight of mold growth behind the wall can make a potential buyer rethink their decision to buy a house. Homeowners who want to list their house should call a restoration company for a thorough mold in home inspection. The mold damage needs to be handled before further spread. Professional mold removal gets rids of the mold and any moisture problems.

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