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Doesn't Look Too Bad

Microwave Fire Leaves Home Stinky"Stinky" is the only word for the damage that was done. The first picture clearly shows the microwave melting down around the e... READ MORE

Mold and Dry Rot From Leaking Air Conditioner

The air conditioner had a leak that was left to run for far too long. It wasn't until the mold started showing up on the outside of the wall underneath that the... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Roof in Universal City Area

Roof and Rain Damage The roof had caved in after heavy rains and wind damaged the roof of this home in Universal City, CA. The first picture shows the floor cov... READ MORE

Flooded North Hollywood Crawlspace

Crawlspace Damage in North Hollywood When a crawlspace has been flooded it can cause your home to smell and have mold damage. Having the crawlspace dried is vit... READ MORE

How can I prepare for a storm in North Hollywood

Preparing for storm damage depends on how your home typically gets hit. Some homes have roof problems, others have crawlspace flooding. This home near Toluca La... READ MORE

Gutted Business after Wildfire Damage

This building in North Hollywood was close enough to the fires that it received some outside and inside damage. The brick on the outside was heavily covered in ... READ MORE

Termite Damage Repair and Restore

Termite Damage in Califorina The damage to these buildings were the cause of termites. SERVPRO of North Hollywood does not venture in termite extermination but ... READ MORE

Wildfire Cleanup in North Hollywood, CA

It got way too close for comfort. The wildfires in the are did burn down many homes which is terrible but luckily there were was only monetary losses in the eve... READ MORE

How to cleanup a wildfire damaged home.

Smoke Column Over Mountainside Many homeowners were evacuated from their homes during the wildfires. In their rush there were some simple things that were not d... READ MORE

Home Needs Washing after Wildfire

Wildfire Soot Covered Home in North Hollywood SERVPRO was called in to cleanup a lot of homes that were very close to the wildfires of California. Depending on ... READ MORE