Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damaged Roof in Universal City Area

Roof and Rain Damage The roof had caved in after heavy rains and wind damaged the roof of this home in Universal City, CA. The first picture shows the floor cov... READ MORE

Flooded North Hollywood Crawlspace

Crawlspace Damage in North Hollywood When a crawlspace has been flooded it can cause your home to smell and have mold damage. Having the crawlspace dried is vit... READ MORE

How can I prepare for a storm in North Hollywood

Preparing for storm damage depends on how your home typically gets hit. Some homes have roof problems, others have crawlspace flooding. This home near Toluca La... READ MORE

Storm Drains are Backed Up in Universal City, CA

During heavy rains, there is a chance that it will not let up enough for the outdoor drains to drain. They will fill up with nowhere else to go but to flood you... READ MORE

Why should I call the professionals?

The storms in Toluca Lake, CA can be unreasonably damaging for homes in the area. Heavy rains cause flooding when storm drains back up leaving the water no plac... READ MORE

Roof Leak and Tarp in Hollywood, CA

SERVPRO of North Hollywood came in and layed tarp on this damaged and leaking roof when the call came in at 7:30 at night to keep the loss from getting bigger d... READ MORE