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Responding Rapidly: A Critical Benefit Gained Through Professional Fire Damage Restoration

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

Responding Rapidly: A Critical Benefit Gained Through Professional Fire Damage Restoration

The Time Factor

Initiating restoration measures quickly remains one major reason to consider hiring a professional restoration company. Why? You'll address fire damage following a fire in home settings more effectively.

When people consider the impacts of time and fire in business properties, fore example, media attention typically focuses upon the speed of the fire department's response. Yet did you know, in both situations the timeliness of fire damage restoration matters too! During every fire cleanup, passing hours, days and weeks change the condition of assets significantly. Timely restoration ultimately helps determine whether experts can save some valuable property.

Important Work

Fire damage restoration professionals accomplish far more than simply helping board up sections of a fire damaged home. Their work enables homeowners to eliminate the soot damage, the smoke damage, and the lingering smoke smell which may pervade the premises in the aftermath of a blaze. (The value of launching restoration measures as quickly as possible remains one reason why so many large companies call upon trained restoration consultants for commercial fire damage assistance, for instance.)

A restoration company typically addresses fire damage restoration in three broad phases. First, fire cleanup companies will carefully inspect the premises after a conflagration. They also request input from the property owner about the use of each room. During the second phase, they create a detailed, customized plan for systematically restoring every part of the residence after a fire in home environments, just as they do following a fire in business settings. In the third phase, these companies utilize specialized fire cleanup equipment to remove water and perform the grueling, labor-intensive fire damage restoration and repair process.

A Ticking Clock

Why does time matter so much during this process? Most people appreciate a raging fire sometimes spreads in a matter of moments to engulf an entire structure. Yet even after fire hoses quench the flames, some items of charred property continue undergoing long term physical changes unless responding fire cleanup teams act rapidly to protect certain assets from further harm.

Fire damage experts appreciate the importance of timely intervention to help property owners clean and restore vulnerable assets. By calling upon the services of a restoration company after a fire in home or commercial settings, you can sometimes salvage cherished items of personal property and minimize long term real estate losses, too.

The Best Strategy For Home Owners

Don't board up a room with obvious fire damage and then let the area sit for months of years before taking action. The smoke smell will persist long after the fire ends! Just as you would address a fire in business environments promptly by consulting with a commercial fire damage firm, make sure you call upon a qualified residential fire damage expert to help eliminate signs of soot damage, smoke damage and the noxious smoke smell.

A "board up and forget it" strategy won't help your household recover from a fire. Relying on trained restoration company expertise will prove invaluable. Commercial fire damage experts today have gained widespread acceptance because their services often help save and renew important assets in the aftermath of a fire in business settings. By contacting a residential fire restoration firm, you'll improve your chances of optimizing the condition of your dwelling and personal property in the wake of a fire in home settings. Your consultant will work with you to eliminate smoke damage and soot damage, while striving to restore your real estate's value as fully as possible.

Optimizing Outcomes

Today, a growing number of real estate industry professionals appreciate the useful nature of services offered by commercial fire damage and residential fire damage restoration companies. Far more than "board up" firms, these businesses help some property owners save substantial sums. By helping permanently remove smoke damage, soot damage and that lingering smoke smell, they benefit property owners!
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What To Do In Case Of Water Damage Emergency

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What To Do In Case Of Water Damage Emergency

Water damage describes a variety of situations where a property gets damaged by water. Water damage can be devastating and can happen in a home or business environment. Basically, water can seep into porous substances, causing tremendous damage. Water damage can be caused by pipe break or supply line break, leakage from a dishwasher, a washing machine overflow, a clogged toilet or flood.

As a business owner or homeowner, you take appropriate steps to ensure that your property is secure and dry. Many problems can result from water in home or business. Dealing with flooded home or business can be a frustrating experience.

The longer the water is allowed to remain in the home or business, the more damage will be done, and it is crucial to begin restoration as soon as possible. A single do-it-yourselfer will certainly be overwhelmed by the devastation or destruction a water in home or business can cause.

So what happens when you experience a flood in your home or water in business due to a pipe break, supply line break or other plumbing issues? Flood water in the home or water in business can cause thousands of dollars in damages to a property and personal belongings if not professionally dealt with.

Call A Restoration Company

Restoration companies have qualified professionals who are fully equipped with state-of-the-art water extractors, dehumidifiers, high-tech moisture detection systems, air movers, and structural drying equipment. Mitigation or water cleanup professionals are well trained to deal with flooded homes and water in business situations of any scope or magnitude.

Flood damage professionals will respond as soon as possible to provide water damage services. Their mitigation services for water in home or business, include locating pipe break and supply line break, leak detection, water cleanup and drying and temporary plumbing repairs. When they arrive at a flooded home or water in business location, they get to work immediately to stop the water flow and prevent further damage. Flood damage technicians will restore the property and free the owner from the burdens often associated with flooded home or water in business mitigation.

Water cleanup and drying can be tedious and time-consuming and is best left to professionals at a restoration company. Reputable professionals strive to make the process of water cleanup, drying and restoring the business or home from flood damage as easy and smooth as possible. They break down the mitigation steps so the business or home owner knows what to expect up front. Mitigation services include:

Inspection of The Property

Mitigation professionals perform an initial assessment to determine the best way to reverse the devastation caused by the water in business or water in home. Once flood damage professionals have completed the assessment, and have taken proper precautions, they secure the structure and contents before beginning restoration.

Water Removal and Extraction

Professionals will begin extracting water from the office or home. They have thorough water cleanup and moisture removal procedures that ensure all standing is extracted from the building.

Drying And Deodorization

Professionals help control the environment, remove the water and moisture, ensure the structure is completely dry, provide dehumidification and deodorization services, and assess and treat moisture intrusion. Water that is trapped in tight places such as behind walls can cause tremendous damage to the structure and contents.


After the dry-out process has been completed, professionals at a restoration company complete the job with the restoration. This is where the structure is restored to its preloss condition.

Summing Up

Floods, structural leaks, pipe break, supply line break, compromised pipes and improper dehumidification are all possible causes of flooded home or business. Whether it is water in home or business, reliable professionals will be able to provide water cleanup, drying and restore the property to a pre-damage state. A reputable restoration company will take care of your business or flooded home restoration from start to finish with satisfactory result. Visit for more information on water damage.

Understanding Mold Growth and the Dangers of DIY Mold Removal

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Understanding Mold Growth and the Dangers of DIY Mold Removal

Mold removal is best handled by mitigation and remediation. It’s not something anyone should ever try to handle on their own for safety reasons, and a restoration company can help home and business owners understand why this is such a risk. Mold growth is widely misunderstood. It’s not just a result of flooding after a storm. Mold growth and mold damage occur anytime a home or office has enough humidity and moisture for it to grow.

Mold spores are in the air everywhere, and that means mold damage can occur anywhere in the world. It’s not just for those who live in the south or where it’s warm all the time. Mold growth can occur with any humidity level above 40%, and it can occur anywhere. Floods do cause mold damage when water sits in a home or office for a long time without proper cleaning and drying, but even a small leak that’s persistent and ongoing inside a wall can cause serious mold growth behind walls and mold damage that moves around the house.

What You Must Know About Mold in the Home and Commercial Mold Damage

Mold removal cannot be handled without professional restoration company. Mitigation and remediation are necessary, and a restoration company is the only company able to fully remove mold and locate mold growth behind walls and any other unnoticed location. With professional equipment, mitigation and remediation is much easier. A restoration company can help with mold removal that doesn’t disturb spores. Fungus is moved in spores, and improperly removing mold can cause the spores to spread even faster and more dangerously.

Since it only takes a few days for mold spores to cause significant mold damage, it’s not safe to remove mold without mitigation, remediation, and professional help. Even if black mold isn’t present, it’s still too dangerous for anyone to try and remove mold in the home or commercial mold damage with a professional restoration company on hand. The only thing people should attempt to do when they find mold in the home or commercial mold damage is get the water out quickly after making a call for mold removal services.

Removing mold without mitigation and remediation services can also cause people with allergies to suffer some health issues. Toxic black mold might not be present in a home, but any significant mold damage can cause people with health problems to suffer from more serious health problems. It’s not safe to ignore mold or leave it up to DIY projects.

Finding Mold in the Home or Commercial Mold Damage

Mold is not always obvious. Mold growth behind walls is a real problem that’s only noticeable when the signs begin to show in other areas of the home. Mildew is something that likes to grow in bathrooms, basements, and even garages. Mildew needs the same warmth and moisture mold needs to grow. Even a small amount of mildew in a home or office could mean mold is present. It might not be black mold and an obvious cause for concern, but it might represent mold growth behind the walls.

Fungus like mold loves dark places with warmth, humidity, and moisture, and dry rot is the perfect sign of mold. Dry rot is caused when too much moisture enters a facility, and dry rot is also a sign of mold. If dry rot is present, it’s a sign mold could be present. Finally, a smelly odor is another sign fungus might be present. Fungus, mildew, and black mold are all concerns, and they're all signs mold growth is a problem.

Deodorization is used to get rid of almost every smelly odor in a home or office, but this is the kind of smelly odor not easily removed with deodorization. Different deodorization techniques will mask it for a while before failing, and it won’t go away until a restoration company comes in and removes all the mold. They can also help the smell with high-tech deodorization designed to eliminate the musty smelly odor of mold that lingers long after mold has been removed.
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SERVPRO OF North Hollywood Is Here To Help!

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO OF North Hollywood Is Here To Help!

As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO of North Hollywood has highly trained technicians that are dedicated to responding faster to any size disaster. We provide 24-hour emergency service and have the training and expertise to handle your restoration and cleaning needs. 

SERVPRO of North Hollywood is locally owned and operated—so we’re a part of this community too. We are also part of a national network of over 1,700 Franchises, which enables us to respond quickly with more resources. For major storms and disasters, we can call upon special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country.

Wheather it's your Home or business, we are here to help!  No job is too big or too small.

SERVPRO of North Hollywood proudly serves North Hollywood, Universal City, Toluca Lake, and surrounding areas.

(818) 754-0050

Staying Safe During A Storm And Assessing The Damage Afterward

7/14/2017 (Permalink)

It's important to stay safe during a storm.  Also, after a storm, you should take an assessment or your property and your surroundings to minimize the impact it has on your life.  Here are some tips you can consider when the storm hits:

  • Listen to the radio for advisories or instructions from the local news station or national weather service
  • If an evacuation order has been given, it's important to follow those instructions right away.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and avoid standing water or metal objects or cars close to down power lines.
  • Stay away from damaged trees and dangling or broken limbs.
  • Do not swim or wade in flood waters.
  • Check on neighbors, especially those who are elderly or disabled.
  • Turn the gas off at the meter if you smell gas.
  • Do not drive unless absolutely necessary. Shelter in place.
  • Don't attempt to drive through flooded streets or bridges. It's just not safe.
  • Avoid using candles or other open flames indoors. A propane lantern may be a better option if you need lighting.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  • Make sure your battery powered smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working.
  • Keep pets indoors and use a leash when taking them outside.
  • Operate generators outdoors in the open away from windows and doors.
  • If the electricity has gone out, make sure you don’t eat perishable food from the refrigerator that has warmed to over 40° F.

After the storm has passed and it's safe to go out side, check your surroundings and assess any possible damage. 

  • Check your roof for missing and loose shingles or tiles.
  • Inspect your attic, the ceilings, and walls for any leaks or water intrusion. 
  • Check around doors and windows for damage or water intrusion.
  • Clean up any tree branches that may have fallen
  • If tree branches have fallen on to power lines, contact your local fire department or power company.
  • Remove any trees that have fallen or are leaning over as a result of storm or lightning damage.
  • Make sure your septic system is not damaged before using any plumbing.  
  • Check your basement walls and entry areas for any damage or water intrusion.

If you're not sure how badly damaged something is or don't know how to make the repairs yourself, it's always best to ask a professional.

If your home or commercial property is damaged during a storm or any weather event, SERVPRO Of North Hollywood is here to help.  Our team is standing by 24/7 and ready to deploy when you need us.  (818) 754-0050

Commercial Desiccant Dehumidifier gets things moving in North Hollywood

7/12/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Desiccant Dehumidifier gets things moving in North Hollywood Commercial water loss desiccant dehumidifier.

Our desiccant dehumidifier moves air at an impressive 15,000 CFM which allows us to move remove water or moisture from 20,000 square feet of an affected area in a very short time compared to other dehumidifiers.  If the power is out, that's not a problem. This equipment is self-contained with its own generator.  By having this portable self-contained unit on standby 24/7, it allows for us to deploy to your site very quickly.

Our commercial desiccant dehumidifier is an ideal piece of equipment for large loss situations in any of the following commercial environments:

  • Small Office Buildings
  • Warehouses/Storage
  • Large Office/High-Rise Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel/Motels
  • Small Retail Stores
  • Large Retail/Big-Box Stores
  • High-Rise Residential
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Government/Military
  • Churches

Our goal is to get the job done quickly while doing it right.  We know how important it is to you to get back to business as usual. 

If you encounter water damage and to make it like it never happened, then call SERVPRO Of North Hollywood today. (818) 754-0050

Commercial Fire Damage

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire damage is devastating for a commercial property or any business large or small. In addition to fire, smoke, and soot damage, water damage caused by firefighting efforts and fire suppression systems may occur. Every hour spent restoring your business back to a pre-fire condition is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. If you've had a commercial fire call SERVPRO of North Hollywood.

  • Small Office Buildings
  • Warehouses/Storage
  • Large Office/High-Rise Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel/Motels
  • Small Retail Stores
  • Large Retail/Big-Box Stores
  • High-Rise Residential
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Government/Military

We have the knowledge and skills to take any size restoration or repair.  Our Goal is to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible.  Our team of trained Professionals and our arsenal of equipment are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.  Contact SERVPRO of North Hollywood today to learn more about our commercial restoration services. (818)754-0050.

It's Easy To Avoid Storm Damage

7/5/2017 (Permalink)

Rainstorms can take a toll on the exterior your home, sometimes leading to water damage on the interior.  In Southern California we only experience a small number of major storms. On many occasions rain storms are accompanied by heavy winds.  In most cases, it’s easy to avoid storm damage just by being proactive a few days out of the year.

Here are a few things you may want to proactively keep an eye on before the storm season or if there is an upcoming storm on the way.

  • Roof: Your roof can be vulnerable to damage from strong winds and heavy rainfall. Rain can weaken already vulnerable areas of the roof, and strong winds can knock down loose shingles. If you notice a leak or mold in your attic or ceiling, it may be a good idea to inspect your roof for damage. 
  • Windows:  If moisture can get in through a window that isn’t properly sealed, water can intrude into your home. Water can potentially cause wood to rot and mold to develop.  Check to make sure your windows are installed properly and the weather stripping is in good shape.  Always make sure your windows can close properly and completely. 
  • Rain Gutters: Inspect your rain gutters regularly. It’s especially important during the fall when the leaves are falling off trees nearby.  Wind storms can cause leaves and other debris to clog up the gutters and downspouts

SERVPRO Of North Hollywood is here to help.  If your home is damaged by a storm, don’t hesitate to call us 24/7 so we can get started right away to make it look like it never happened.  (818) 754-0050

Tips for Managing Water and Flood Damage

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Tips for Managing Water and Flood Damage

Our homes and businesses can experience water damage because of floods, water leakages, pipe bursts, storm and other causes. Depending on the cause of the crisis, mitigation and restoration vary from one situation to another. Some places may be flooded with water for a long time while others have lasted for a short time.

If a premise suffers flood damage, the place requires an immediate water cleanup. It is advisable to call professional cleaning services. Either it is a situation of water in homes or an incident of water in businesses, the experts will handle it competently. Preferably, call the professionals popularly known for restoration and mitigation of water damage.

First, switch off any electricity supply. Flood damage can also turn out to be a fire emergency if water and open current come into contact. Water cleanup needs to be quickly done because water damage happens within a short time after flooding. The drying processing will preserve items that would have been destroyed by water. However, not all materials and objects will be salvaged by drying them.

The source of water needs to be identified if it is not caused by a storm or heavy rainfall. Water cleanup and drying the premise will not be successful if a pipe burst or certain leakage is not fixed. As mitigation and restoration happen so should repairs. In cases of flooding or continuous heavy rainfall, a different approach will have to be used.

Water in businesses interferes with operations and the water damage will incur losses for the business. If a water cleanup does not happen soon, microbial growth such as mold will begin to appear. Water may also seep through to other places and advance flood damage.
As the experts continue with the drying process, they will update the home or business owners. The duration for restoration and mitigation depends on the severity of the flood damage. For example, the water in business may have compromised several areas and items. Water in business will take longer than water in a home that flooded in a small place.

Professionals do not just do a water cleanup and drying process. Part of their mitigation and restoration process entails disinfecting and sterilizing areas with health hazards. They have all required equipment to dry items such as carpets and the floor. Experts will also give advice on areas they perceive critical.

Disasters of water in homes or accidents of water in business can be managed by insurance. When applying for an insurance cover, understand its nature. Some policies cover both flooding and the damages while others just cover one element.Depending on your preference, choose one or a comprehensive plan covering both risks.

Handling your own water in homes is unwise. It is not just about clearing the flooded water and salvaging the damage. One may not be aware of all the necessary cleaning procedures. An owner clearing water in a business is also unlikely to do a thorough work. In addition, he or she may end up wasting time due to lack of knowledge in that work.

After recovering a business or home that had been flooded or damaged by water, evaluation is essential. The owner needs to identify all the damaged items such as furniture and other household items. Items that can be repaired will save the owner costs of buying others. Others just require time to regain the original formation while others will have to be replaced with new items. Paper documents exposed to water for a long time cannot be recouped.

It is not entirely possible to prevent a future water crisis but some measures decrease risks. For example, floods caused by storms can be regulated in various ways. A regular check-up of pipes and other likely leakages is vital. A compromised pipe will be fixed before it completely bursts. Similarly, an almost happening leakage will be addressed in advance.
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Fire Damage Restoration Tips

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Fire Damage Restoration Tips

Fire damage can be a very costly and traumatic experience. When a fire disaster strikes, homeowners have a great deal of problems with which they have to contend with. Depending on the severity of the fire, families will need a temporary place to stay, they have to deal with insurance companies and find a dependable company of professionals to take care of fire cleanup.

After the fire trucks leave, the cleanup begins. The property will have widespread damage that only a highly-trained fire damage restoration team can fix. These professionals will restore the property to its pre-fire condition. The deep-cleaning methods they employ will rid the home or business of smoke damage, soot damage and other odors that can linger in carpet, walls and upholstery.

Fire damage in the home needs a fast response. Companies that specialize in fire cleanup can tackle any problem, big or small. So even if there's fire in a business or commercial fire damage, fire damage restoration specialists will safely restore the property with as little disruption as possible.

Before help arrives, the property owner should do everything within reason to protect the home. Safely removing belongings that have soot damage or smoke damage is the first step after a fire in a home has taken place. Restoration professionals will then perform a fire damage assessment to determine the severity. During the fire cleanup, the roof will receive tarp and windows boarded if necessary. Fire in a home is generally on a smaller scale than fire in a business. However, the same steps will be utilized to eliminate the smoke smell and smoke damage, so that the property will be restored back to its pristine condition.

The removal of soot and the heavy smoke smell is an important step in restoring a home. After a fire in a home, soot and smoke smells can be embedded deep inside the structure, furniture, flooring and upholstery. Professionals will use a number of specialized cleaning methods to extract water and clean and deodorize areas of the home. Water damage can take place after fire damage due when firemen put the fire out. It is imperative that water be extracted during fire damage restoration to prevent the set up of mold.

Fire in a business or commercial fire damage can be far more costly. In most cases, the job is bigger and a business owner stands to lose a great deal of money while waiting for the completion of the fire cleanup. Smoke damage and soot damage in a business can be dangerous for customers to inhale. The complete remediation of odors and anything that can pose a threat to customers must be taken care of.

Commercial fire damage to hospitals, retail stores, food services and educational facilities is available 24/7. A fire damage restoration team can quickly provide services to help dry documents, restore and clean electronics and removal of the smoke smells and soot damage that can linger. When commercial fire damage happens, professionals will get your office space cleaned and deodorized in no time.

Fire in a business can be devastating to the owner's bottom line. Time is of the essence. Unlike a fire in a home, a business needs to be up and running as soon as possible. There may be a need for other repairs such as replacing carpeting, celings, drywall and furniture. A service professional will walk the homeowner through the entire process and answer all of their questions.

Anyone who has lost their home or business through a fire should contact a fire damage restoration specialist as soon as possible to help restore it to its pre-fire condition.
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