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Fire Sprinklers - Putting out the fire and a whole lot more...

6/23/2017 (Permalink)

While fire sprinklers are designed to quickly suppress the fire, sometimes they cause additional damage too.

Flooding caused by fire sprinklers in commercial properties often results in a large amount of damage that requires a knowledgeable and swift response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup or a large scale flood, we work quickly and efficiently to assess each situation and isolate the damaged area quickly. In many instances, normal business operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.  We can work around you to meet your needs and get the job done right.

At SERVPRO of North Hollywood our trained technicians are mindful of the concerns you may have during the restoration process.  Our crew gets it! We know every moment of cleaning and restoring disrupts your workflow.  That’s why when the call comes in, we are ready to deploy right away and will work around the clock when needed to in order to minimize damage and fully restore the affected areas.  

When it rains it pours in the San Fernando Valley.

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It's not too often we get a large rain storm in the San Fernando Valley. But when we do, it's always more than we expect.  Our Technicians at SERVPRO Of North Hollywood are qualified in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

When storms hit Southern California, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of over 1600 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

We don't get very many rain storms in Southern California, but when it does happen, we are here to help.

Water Damage Restoration Tips

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Water Damage Restoration Tips

Water damage can ruin valuable possessions as well as the entire house. Water in business can also be dangerous as it may damage devices, documents, and other resources. Therefore, flood damage should not be treated lightly. There are various actions that one can take to eliminate water in home or office.

Immediate water cleanup and restoration is crucial in the mitigation of the damage. Contaminated flood water in home may carry pathogens and favor the growth of mold. If the water in business or house festers, mold spores may spread around the building making it harder to get rid of them. The following water cleanup actions can be taken to eliminate water in business or the house:
• Contacting the insurance company
Before any mitigation or water cleanup, the insurance company should be notified about the restoration process one is about to take to handle the water in home. Before anything is removed from the house, documentation should be carried out using videos or pictures. These will be necessary when seeking compensation.

• Call the right flood damage restoration specialists
The professionals will immediately identify the items that are most compromised by flood damage. Any porous things in contact with water may need to be discarded. Such items include mattresses, pillows, box springs, and particle board. These things trap moister that may favor moss development. Affected households may prepare for the professional water clean-up by removing these items before the specialists arrive.

• Electric power
Before any action on the damaged house, electricity should be off. Plugged in devices and exposed wires might cause electrocution. Disconnect power, unplug the electronics and remove them alongside furniture and lose items immediately to prevent further water damage.

• Getting rid of the water in home
Water can be extracted manually after all the loose wires have been removed. Elements such as old towels, mops, and buckets may come in handy when drying the house as they will soak more water. If the sewage system has not been backed up, the water can be poured down the drain. Otherwise, it can be poured on porous surfaces like the lawn.

• Drying out the affected area
Once all the water has been mopped, a dehumidifier or fan can be used to assist in drying the area. The windows should be open to facilitate air circulation that speeds up the drying process. Areas on the drywall that have been affected should be cut away to prevent mold development. Baseboard trims should be taken up first. However, those made of pressboard may not be salvageable.

• Disinfection and prevention of mold growth
After drying the area, a good disinfectant should be used to eliminate bacteria from the sewers or toilets. It is important to settle on non-toxic yet powerful disinfectants to reduce the effects to the body. Areas that should be considered may include wood walls and non-upholstered furniture sitting on the water in home or business.

It is important to avoid dealing with mold in situations of high magnitude flood damage. In such instances, restoration should be left for professionals. When the mold is disturbed inappropriately, it will have greater chances of spreading thus hindering mitigation.

• Disposal of damaged belongings
Disposal can be done by ordering a dumpster to send all the damaged items away from the site. However, one can sort out the things into piles to be taken to recycling centers so as to alleviate the pressure at the local landfill. One may also visit the neighborhood's waste management website for information on recycling of all the damaged items.

All these tips can assist in the mitigation of water damage. However, it is important to hire the services of water damage restoration professionals as they have the right experience and equipment for drying the water in business or house. They make the process of water cleanup easy and less stressful. Visit for more information on water damage.

What Does Effective Fire Damage Restoration Entail?

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What Does Effective Fire Damage Restoration Entail?

A fire in home or commercial fire damage poses the most severe setbacks a homeowner or entrepreneur can face in life. When such damage occurs, regardless of the source, it is only appropriate for you to immediately start thinking about the fire damage restoration process that not only grants you the peace of mind but also prevents other natural forces from taking a toll on your ruined property.

For your information, a comprehensive fire damage restoration process includes smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell eradication as well as fire cleanup. Here is an outline of what the standard fire damage restoration should entail.

1. Fire cleanup
Depending on the extent of the fire in business or home, several parts of the household or office furniture may be burnt beyond repair. Fire cleanup, therefore, involves a deep analysis of the extent of the fire in business or home as well as the initiation of the reconstruction process. This includes identifying irreparable equipment, furniture and fittings and disposing them off. Such an analysis is also bound to reveal possible loopholes caused by the fire damage such as gaping ceiling holes or burnt water pipes that may result in further property damage.

2. Sealing services
After identifying possible causes of aggravated property damage arising from the fire in home, the fire damage expert should immediately begin sealing off these loopholes. This includes embarking on urgent repairs to torn roofs and ceilings to prevent rain penetration into the building as well as sealing of burst water and sewerage pipes to prevent flooding. The drains should also be cleared to prevent clogging.

3. Smoke damage, smoke smell, and soot damage cleanup
A fire in home or commercial fire damage is usually characterized by a heavy smoke damage as well as soot damage that also leaves a heavy smoke smell in the rooms and ventilation ducts. After ridding the home of the irreparable fittings, the next big step in the restoration process should be the smoke damage cleanup. This chapter involves the examination of the extent of soot damage as well as its cleanup.

The fire control expert ensures that all the dark, stained, and charred spots left by the fire in business are addressed. They also take the necessary steps to clear off the smoke smell in the ducts resulting from the commercial fire damage.

4. Structural repairs
Once done with the assessment, fire cleanup, and soot damage control as well as the deodorization of the smoke smell, your fire damage restoration expert should now commence the reconstruction process.

Just like an insurance cover, the fire in home restoration process involves reconstruction of the home or commercial property to its original state before the occurrence of the fire damage.

At this juncture, points of forced entry used by the firemen and rescue teams need to be reconstructed. Wooden surfaces such as ceilings and furniture that are the most affected by the fire in home should either be repaired where possible or replaced. For instance, if the internal wall linings are completely destroyed, fire damage reconstruction should involve replacing them with new ones. However, this shouldn’t be taken as a renovation opportunity though most restoration companies are taking the opportunity to advice clients on possible renovations that they then execute.

A fire damage restoration process should involve a thorough fire cleanup and reconstruction process regardless of whether it is a fire in home or business. This comprehensiveness primarily ranges from fire and soot damage assessment to smoke smell eradication. Remember, however, that a commercial fire damage or fire in business restoration shouldn’t be mistaken for renovation as it is supposed to only return the fire damaged home or office to its original state before the occurrence of the fire. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation

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Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation

Just like mildew, mold is a fungus that has a smelly odor. This smelly odor forces many homeowners to spend a fortune on deodorization. However, the home improvement experts recommend investing in professional mold removal. The research on mold in commercial establishments reveals that this organism is neither a plant nor an animal. Mold varieties come in all shapes and sizes, and their ability to travel through the air is unmatched. Molds are extremely difficult to control, especially whenever they land on the damp zones of your home. The spores are invisible to the naked eye, and unfortunately, you will only notice them when the spores germinate. Molds are also common on the decaying matter and the soil. Molds contribute to the natural degradation of matter, meaning that will degrade the value of your home by disintegrating the building materials. Molds can also be harmful to your health, meaning that you must avoid inhaling it at all costs.

How to identify mold at home

You are likely to find the green, white, orange, green, and black mold in your home. The black mold is the most dangerous when compared to other varieties. However, the powdery mold can travel in the air quite easily. During the mold removal and remediation process, it is critical to control the spread of these organisms by sealing the area entirely. Some of the most deadly varieties of mold in home surfaces live in the damp areas. It is vital to address the problem and eliminate the mold in home verandas before they find their way into the house. A colony of mold in home kitchens and bathrooms can grow in a few days since these wet areas provide the perfect breeding ground for these organisms.

The fungus and mildew can cause extensive mold damage that calls for professional remediation techniques. Do not allow these organisms to destroy your home. When mold colonies invade your home, you should think of a long-term solution to the problem. For example, deodorization will only give you a temporary solution. Eliminate the smelly odor by developing a sound mitigation regimen for your residential and commercial mold removal initiatives. Your mitigation plans should also take the mildew and fungus into consideration. The damp conditions can promote the development of fungus and mildew, and the sure way to eliminate the mold in home surfaces is to keep them as dry as possible.

Commercial mold damage remediation

Whether you are dealing with commercial mold damage or eliminating the mold in home bathrooms, you should avoid the temptation to take shortcuts. The remediation of commercial mold damage requires special equipment that scrubs the surfaces and eliminates the spores through vacuuming. The mold removal market has the modern equipment you require to cleanse the air.

Mold damage remediation and mitigation

The mold spores can grow on any solid surface if they get water. As such, you are likely to see the mold damage in the damp areas where the plumbing system leaks. Molds can also withstand extremely low temperatures. Address the mold damage as soon as possible to prevent further degradation of your home. One of the best mitigation procedures against mold growth is to fix the plumbing system and repair the foundation cracks.

Mold can pose some serious risks when it gets into your commercial or residential HVAC system. Avoid exposing your family to complications by taking the following precautions:
• Keeping your home dry to avoid the infestation of molds
• Inspecting you domestic water supply system
• Eliminating the molds that grow outdoors before they infest the indoor environment. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Water Damage Restoration in Hollywood, California

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Water Damage Water Damage Restoration in Hollywood, California Water Damage in Hollywood, California

Water Damage Restoration in Hollywood, California

Confronting the hazards of flood damage not counting water damage in the residence or potentially encountering water in business is recurrently viewed as really irksome and is often a tricky experience to handle for nine out of ten people. Water possibly could form unrelenting quandaries in the building, in contrast water damage often produces fungal growth as well as mildew. This greatly degrades the health of the air moving throughout the building and normally produces a risky and perilous building to live inside of.

People living in North Hollywood and Hollywood, CA are extraordinarily sensitive to the issues that can come from the slew of problems that occur if water pours into the building or pours water in business properties. During the steps for drying out of the structure and efforts to return a strong and healthy force of air movement, proprietors and people who are neighbors might have already tended to their own dilemma.

In most situations the neighbors will already have established repairs by getting in touch with a mitigation company. There are numerous mitigation companies in California. These special companies are vital to initiate the refurbishing of the building with speed and simplicity. Grasping what help is reachable not counting the motivations for the reasons that someone ought to use a cleaning up service as expressly as feasible is to your advantage to speed up any water cleanup in California.

Mitigation enterprises comprise a grouping of certified staff who are interested in going to the building, assessing the point of the flood, inspect water damage including flood damage, plus using practices to quell the problem.

Upkeep may entail drying out carpets, examining the state of the force of air movement within the home, as well as a range of acts to uncover the source of water in home together with any water in business on top of clearing up the problems. Repairing the building to an acceptable status swiftly by mitigating the damage caused by water in Hollywood and North Hollywood CA is vital.

Water in home organizations are willing to visit the home for the purpose of discovering the water problems. The staff almost always remove carpeting in California including discarding all soaked furniture. On the contrary, it is sometimes possible to restore the homeowner’s property by acting out conservation measures to the damaged items. Professional services can deliver affordably priced and proven techniques for bringing back the property from flood damage.

When a person North Hollywood and Hollywood, CA, faces a flood, it is essential to bring in specialists prior to another flood coming. Specialist organizations can repair weak points in the building that often seep in water plus they can prepare services to prevent flooding problems should they return.

Qualified repair organizations are certainly necessary when a nasty flood arises and the building is affected. authoritative agencies can conduct a visit to the building, take away any soaked property, and devise a way of mitigating future problems in a protective and gracious manner. Visit for more information on water loss.

Fire Damage in North Hollywood

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Fire Damage Fire Damage in North Hollywood Fire Damage in Hollywood, CA

Fire Damage in North Hollywood

As a property owner in Hollywood California, preserving its condition is one of the top priorities. If you maintain your property well in Hollywood California, you will likely be able to maximize its value as well as your ability to live comfortably or conduct business. While maintaining a property is quite common, there are times when accidents occur. One of these accidents is in the form of a fire. This can cause significant damage to any property and must therefore be taken very seriously. One of the most hazardous effects of a fire is water damage from fire. This is a situation where the water supply gets overheated and full of particles. As a result, water damage from fire will likely result in the property structures getting destroyed.

Another effect of fires is poor air quality. When a fire occurs, a number of hazardous particles and flames will get into the air and cause the air quality to go in decline. Therefore it will be important to put out a fire and work towards cleaning up a Hollywood California property immediately.

Along with damage caused by water, smoke damage and soot damage are also quite common whenever a fire occurs. Smoke damage consists of the various particles in the air making contact with the property and deteriorating its structures. An excess of smoke will likely have considerable effects on any property as a result. With soot damage, a number of particles will get in the air and make contact with the property. Soot will also contribute to a property’s decay and eventual breakdown. As a property owner in North Hollywood CA, you will want to first contact the fire department in order to put out the fire. Then it will be necessary for North Hollywood CA property owners to hire a home restoration company to eliminate soot and smoke from the property.

Property owners who have their properties catch fire will also experience fire damage. This is one of the most devastating forms of damage for any property. Whenever fire damage occurs, the flames will break down the property and cause it to eventually fall apart. Whenever there is damage caused by a fire, a property owner will need to get the fire department involved for assistance. They will put out the fire immediately. Individuals who are in a property that is on fire will also want to evacuate the property and wait until it is safe to reenter.

The next thing property owners will need to do when handling a fire is to contact a home restoration company. This kind of company will provide assistance in evaluating the property damage caused by a fire as well as cleaning it up. Home restoration professionals will come to the property to inspect the damage and then work towards restoring it. They will use their equipment to get rid of excess debris and odors caused by the fire. This will restore the air quality as well as the property’s physical structures. A home restoration professional will also provide advice on how to continue restoring the property and preventing fires in the future. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Mold Removal in Hollywood, CA

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Mold Removal in Hollywood, CA

The majority of people owning a home in North Hollywood, CA are frightened by the disaster of their houses developing fungus. Nevertheless, most homeowners in Hollywood acquainted with the significance of employing the services of a fungal growth inspector who is certified in conducting a comprehensive mold inspection.

In North Hollywood, California, hiring a certified fungal growth inspector to spot fungal growth is essential. A well trained fungal growth inspector can recognize favorable house conditions that are obligatory for the fungal growth. The fungus develops in places which are very detectable, and easily identified by an environmental hygienist.
The most general causes of mildew growth in most houses for residents based in Hollywood include:

• Improper house ventilation: a home that is poorly ventilated provides a favorable environment for the growth of fungal.

• Having windows in the house which are leaking: small cracks present in the window allows rain and humidity to enter in your house providing an ideal spot for fungal growth.

• Having leaking roof holes in the house: leaking roof holes are the common sources of mildew growth in your house. Leaking roofs provides rain entry generating high humidity in your house. This creates a perfect surrounding for the growth of fungal.
Measures to take to combat fungal growth in your home based in Hollywood, CA

• Test the existence of mold in your home: once a fungal growth inspection has been carried out, the testing process will inform the homeowner the source of the fungal growth. Additionally, the testing process uses special equipment that can identify the fungal growth from any place that is concealed. You are encouraged to hire a company based in CA which is certified in performing microbial growth test before cleaning up the growth of the fungal. The testing process is important as it will reveal to the homeowner the type of mildew, and the extent to which the mold has grown. If the attack becomes a tragedy, the specialist in fungal growth will supervise the both the fungal growth cleanup and the removal process.

• Identify the source of the fungal growth in your house: once you are through determining the cause of the fungal growth at your residence, you should notify the environmental hygienist to clean out the source; this gives your home protection against any possible fungal growth return.

• Seek advice from your insurance company to get information whether your insurance policy covers the microbial growth removal process. In most cases, the insurance coverage will be determined by the source of the growth.

• Go for a Fungus Removal Company located in California that has professionals who will conduct thorough fungal growth removal job. To guarantee that the firm has good service delivery, you are advised to consult with the health department situated in North Hollywood.

• Moreover, you are also urged to buy a book that is giving guidance on fungal prevention and removal processes, and microbial growth. Visit for more information on mold remediation.

Fire Loss Restoration in Hollywood, CA

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Fire Damage Fire Loss Restoration in Hollywood, CA Fire Loss with SERVPRO of North Hollywood

Fire Loss Restoration in Hollywood, CA

If you are a homeowner living in Hollywood and North Hollywood, California (CA), treating the consequences of a fire are often not easy. However, once the homeowner and their family have made it to safety, it is important to have the fire damage examined by a professional who can begin the necessary actions to clean the residence, rebuild damaged structures and replace the property items in your residence. After the fire services have extinguished the fire completely, it is important to get in touch with the insurance agency. They will inspect the fire damage, any potential smoke damage, if there is soot damage and the water damage from fire, that is often a result of the fire services, to understand if the residence can be restored. Locate an agency to properly clean the residence and bring it back to its former state.

The insurance agency can help find provisions for temporary housing and provide living costs during the time that the clean-up crew labors to restore the residence. Once the fire's extinguished and the homeowner is given permission for returning to the property, locate the items that can be saved and determine what cannot be reclaimed. It is important to not remain in a fire damaged structure for very long since the air quality could be unsafe. The homeowner will need to work in conjunction with the fire services to make a fire report that explains any damages as well as the property that was damaged. The fire services can also explain how to protect the residence from looters. The main thing is to contact a cleanup crew to begin.

The clean-up process can involve the act of tossing away any property items that are too damaged to be restored. The clean-up services can then start to focus on their job and the areas of the residence that underwent smoke damage, potential soot damage, the fire damage and the water damage from fire. Locate a quality agency serving the Hollywood and North Hollywood, California (CA) location to begin the work. It is necessary for the agency to ensure that the air quality present within the fire damaged residence is safe. If it is not, individuals coming into the residence could experience an array of allergies, bad respiratory conditions and other avoidable health ailments caused from smoke and soot.

Keep in contact with the insurance services and any fire cleanup agency to stay updated on what needs be accomplished and the steps that the clean-up crew will be doing. The insurance agent will need to examine the residence. They’ll assist with deciding what is salvageable. This can include property such as the carpets, any rugs and also the curtains. The service professionals will understand how to prevent mold or mildew and to repair the residence to its prior condition, free of smoke and soot. The insurance agency as well as the Better Business Bureau can be of assistance to locate licensed, qualified California restoration crews to perform the task. Visit for more information on fire loss.

Cleaning Up After Water Loss in Hollywood, California

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Water Damage Cleaning Up After Water Loss in Hollywood, California SERVPRO of North Hollywood responds to a water loss in Hollywood, CA

Cleaning Up After Water Loss in Hollywood, California

Flood damage and water damage can result in catastrophic consequences. The key to minimizing damages from water in business or water in home is rapid mitigation from qualified Hollywood or North Hollywood, California, water damage specialists from a company like SERVPRO.

Rapid Emergency Response is Crucial

The best way to limit the extent of water damage is through rapid emergency response. Water in business or water in home does not occur on a scheduled basis. A flood or other type of water emergency can occur any time of the day or night, any day of the year.

SERVPRO maintains a skilled, experienced emergency response team that can be on the site of a water emergency promptly. The specialists at SERVPRO serving Hollywood and North Hollywood, CA, can have a mitigation action plan in place promptly. The fast action works to enhance the prospects that water-related damage will be minimized.

Reliable Estimates

Another key consideration a home or business owner must bear in mind is the importance of a reliable estimate. Time and again, home and business owners in and around Hollywood and North Hollywood, CA, are heard complaining about unreliable estimates from water-related remediation specialists. This includes undisclosed additional fees and charges.

SERVPRO provides a customer with a fully transparent, reliable estimate. The professionals at SERVPRO understand that the last thing a home or business owner needs in addition to a water emergency is the added frustration of unfair or inappropriate estimate and pricing practices.

Experienced, Reliable Specialists

SERVPRO is committed to maintaining the most experienced, qualified, and trustworthy team of specialists to be found anywhere in California. Any specialist sent to the site of a water-related emergency is fully trained to take on even the most complicated, challenging cleanup and restoration project. In addition, any member of the SERVPRO team is bonded appropriately.

The Latest Technology

In addition to a top team of specialists, SERVPRO is also committed to utilizing the latest and most effective technology when it comes to water cleanup and restoration projects. For example, SERVPRO understands that efficient drying depends on equipment that effectively maintains suitable air movement throughout the premises. The pros at SERVPRO fully recognize that improper drying, and ineffective air movement, prevents an appropriate cleanup and exposes a home or business owner to an unnecessary risk of additional property damage.

Comprehensive Water and Flood Damage Services

SERVPRO is committed to providing home and business owners with comprehensive flood damage mitigation services. When it comes to cleanup and restoration services, the pro team at SERVPRO addresses not only the premises, but personal property as well.

A stark reality associated with flooding is that potential damage to personal property can prove to more significant than what happens to the premises themselves. SERVPRO utilizes the latest technology and techniques to ensure that everything possible is undertaken to cleanup and protect personal property exposed to flooding and water. This is all included in a comprehensive cleanup and restoration strategy developed by SERVPRO for a home or business facing a flooding event. Visit for more information.